Milling Machine Guards

The Creation of New Milling Machine Guards

Rockford milling machine guards come in two styles that, between them, cover most milling machines commonly used in machine shops and small workshops. If neither style is suitable for your manual milling machine or CNC milling machine, we can modify a standard Rockford guard or, alternatively, we can design, manufacture and install cost-effective bespoke guards. The Regulations of Using Milling Machine Guards The main regulations covering milling machines are the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER). Rockford JSA and SSA guards that are correctly specified and installed will help employers meet their PUWER obligations for manual milling guards and CNC milling guards. A milling machine includes a cutter that functions at a high speed. Hence, it can harm the user if not operated properly. Moreover, the milled material may cause serious injuries, because the metal chip is very sharp. Further the metal pieces lying on the table can cut your skin;...

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Custom Enclosures

How Custom Enclosures Lower Manufacturing Costs?

As engineers, our thoughts are consumed with finding solutions to problems we see in the world. However, finding a solution to a problem is only one small part in a much larger process of bringing a product to market. Another part of this process is packaging your solution in some type of enclosure. Finding an enclosure solution that meets your applications goals while staying inside of the project’s resource constraints can be a daunting task at first. in this article I’ll share my experience and tips for doing just that. Why Do I Need Custom Enclosures? An enclosure takes your bare PCB and elevates it into a product. While useful PCBs are hot in the maker community, no end consumer customer would be comfortable interacting with a PCB. Consumers want a polished finished product. An enclosure is a great way to generate the product appeal you need to convince customers to buy your...

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