Machine Guarding

Benefits of Machine Guarding in Workplaces

Machine guarding is one of the most important safety concepts in any manufacturing or industrial facility. When done properly, it can help keep those who are working on potentially dangerous machines safe from harm. In addition, it can keep other people working in the area away from flying sparks or other debris, so they don’t get injured. What many people don’t consider, however, is that this type of safety equipment can have a variety of other benefits as well. The most obvious benefit is the improved safety, and in reality, that is also the most important benefit. The following are a few other advantages of using proper machine guarding in any facility. Machine Guards Allow For Better Cleaning Whether a machine is used for painting, welding, cutting materials or anything else, machine guards often helps to contain sparks, sawdust, paint or other materials from flying toward other people. In addition to protecting others...

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Chuck Guard

The Importance Of Chuck Guards

Chuck guard are safety devices that protect workers from the excess shavings, shards, tool bits and chips of material that may fly from working machines and cause injury. They are simple curved pieces of material that are attached to the machinery by a bracket and screws. Where Are Chuck Guards Found? Guards are used mostly on lathes, machines that spin at high RPM (rotations per minute) to form metal, wood and glass products. Lathes commonly use chucks, which are clamping devices used to hold the rotating tools and materials in place. In order to easily access the lathe, all guards are attached to the chuck and are able to be swung or lifted away. Guards are common items in manufacturing facilities and factories to protect workers around metal spinning, glass blowing, sanding and shearing operations. Chuck Guards should be purchased in addition to protective goggles and clothing to prevent workers from being hit...

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