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3 Most Common Requests For Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosure - BUWW

If you commonly purchase standard electrical fenced-in areas and boxes, you realize that there are a huge number of alternatives accessible. When you need a couple of changes to fenced-in areas at high creation volumes, it’s ideal to find support from a maker who gives custom manufacture. Mechanical Business Development groups work in these custom walled in areas, so we thought we’d share some normal adjustments you can expect from custom metal creation makers.

Additional Cutouts, Holes, and Tapped Holes

One of the foremost popular modifications that clients request is additional cutouts, holes, and tapped holes. Standard enclosures don’t always have the proper amount of cutouts and holes for your needs, or those features are within the incorrect place for your product. For giant production runs, which will be an enormous problem once you don’t have the capacity or manufacturing equipment to form those changes. It’s often more efficient and price effective to utilize a custom fabrication manufacturer who will build your enclosures with all the extra features already inbuilt.

Custom Enclosures - BUWW Machine Enclosures

Customize Machine Enclosure – BUWW

Contractors have a production floor that’s fully equipped to handle any of those modifications. Some also offer engineering support to assist you with customization. The team can help with initial drawings, or just adjust your drawings for manufacturable.

Special Power Coat Paint and Finishes

Another very popular request from clients is special powder coat paints and finishes. Clients typically cash in of those modifications for branding. Standard custom enclosures are usually basic gray in colors that blend into their surroundings and go unnoticed. If you would like your enclosure to face out and represent your brand, you’ll cash in for custom paint options and finishes. It’s an excellent thing to make a reputation for your brand. Your customers expect quality standard and that is what BUWW is all about.

Companies sometimes offer powder coating services in-house. This helps shorten lead times for our clients. It also provides an additional level of inspection for any flaws like scratches and grind marks missed during previous inspections. Talented painters catch quality issues before they’re painted, preventing wasted parts and setbacks in time intervals.

Custom Fabrication Enclosure Sizes and Shapes

The last request most commonly customers ask for is custom enclosure sizes and shapes. Sometimes people are trying to find an enclosure size between two standard sizes. Other times they have a custom configuration for his or her application. Either way, custom enclosures are an excellent solution for unique size requirements.

Choosing a contract manufacturer who builds custom enclosures is an efficient, cost-effective thanks to producing modified enclosures in large quantities. Custom fabrication manufacturers also offer you more control over the standards of your enclosures. It also supplies you with a singular product your customers can’t purchase anywhere else.

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