You can tell a lot about BUWW Coverings if you know about the person who is running it. My dreams and visions become instilled in the individuals I choose to hire giving meaning to it rolls downhill. The mission and philosophy driven behind this company is service oriented.

I am definitely the definition of an entrepreneur, a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. My belief is the old fashioned hand shake and informalities have been lost in the business world today. You don’t talk to a person, you talk to a computer. I know it is a fast paced world today, but we don’t stop to enjoy the things we do, the way we live, and even the job we have.

My vision is to incorporate the old fashion service with the fast paced. I like to know my customers on a name basis, which allows me to meet their needs faster and easier, so I have instilled those qualities in my employees within every department.

I know BUWW would not exist without the customer, and they are the foundation of this company. The number one core vision of BUWW Coverings is to provide customer service and customer satisfaction above and beyond the customers’ expectations at all costs. I always have time for our customers, and I myself still make frequent visits to you.

We provide a solution, not a band aid, and you will always receive a prompt response. This is why BUWW Coverings is successful. If we do not meet your expectations, my door is open, and even when we do meet your expectations, I love to hear about it.

Phil Zeilinger