Custom Enclosures

What Can You Get From Electronic Custom Enclosures

Custom enclosures play a huge role in many manufacturing companies around the world. The best  firms  are  capable  of  building  any  custom  enclosure  design,  including  U  and  L  shapes, rackmounts, fully  custom designs,  and  consoles. With the best  companies  you will  also work with  Protocase  Designer,  and  free  custom  CAD  software,  with  which  you  can  design  the enclosure on  your own through parameters to ensure  compatibility with their manufacturing process.

A reputable  company offers enclosures that  are fully furnished. In other words,  you may  include fasteners, hardware, brackets,  accessories,  and hinges.  You  can  also tailor‐make your  enclosure  along with  a wide range  of  in‐house finishes,  including  direct  digital  printing, powder coat, permanent marking, and grained finish.