Way Cover Bellows

Who Needs Way Cover Bellows?

Way cover bellows improve human and machine safety, machine uptime, and dynamic protection.  They bring reliable, engineered solutions to complex and specialty applications. Equipment protection, particularly flexible covers, represents the largest part of our product portfolio. Bellows are most often used to protect critical components. Actuators used in motion control equipment are often exposed to contaminants ranging from dust and abrasive grit to metal chips and weld spatter. Finished surfaces of cylinder rods, slides, and other mechanisms need protection from these wear-inducing elements. In other cases, way cover bellows might be used around pinch points to reduce the hazard of unintentional contact with machine parts. Bellows are also used as flexible ducting for air exhaust/intake applications, such as traction motor cooling on light rail vehicles. Bellows are used in many industries such as machine tool, medical, and transportation. Two examples are bus bellows and protective skirts around lift tables. What material choices are...

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