Way Covers Wipers and Repair, Machine and Chuck Guards
Way Covers Wipers and Repair, Machine and Chuck Guards
Way Covers Wipers and Repair, Machine and Chuck GuardsWay Covers Wipers and Repair, Machine and Chuck GuardsWay Covers Wipers and Repair, Machine and Chuck Guards


BUWW custom enclosures incorporate many states-of-the-art performance-enhancing features.

Our engineering and manufacturing systems are equipped to adjust to your custom specifications. We designate one of our Project Engineers to handle your custom design from start to finish.

Our Customer Service Consultants and Project Engineers are happy to walk through the project with you to address all of your needs. As a result, we are able to design an enclosure that is custom to your machine. Our number one priority is customer service, and we will do what it takes to exceed your expectations.

CNC Enclosures

Machining Centers: BUWW custom enclosures are engineered to our customer’s specifications. Our proven design provides friction free doors hydraulically, pneumatically, or manually operated. The doors are built with linear rail design or conventional roller design based on our customer’s requirements.

After taking into consideration the rigidity of the machine, the hinges, locks, and fasteners are specially designed per our customer’s specifications.

In addition, we have capabilities to provide an ergonomic design, soundproof walls, lighting and provisions for hydraulic hoses and electrical ductwork.

BUWW can provide many options, such as, cable runs, backwards compatibility, special holes, floor mounting, 2” or 4” acoustic panels, lighting fixtures, mist collection, various sizes, materials and finishes. Our enclosures are engineered with a small foot print and a large mounting space.

Retrofit Enclosures

BUWW can equip your existing CNC or conventional machine with a retrofit enclosure.

Free Standing Enclosures

BUWW free standing, noiseless enclosures are guaranteed to reduce the excess noise that can result in employee hearing loss.

Other Benefits of Machine Enclosures:

  • Reduction in employee stress
  • Minimize accidents and improve safety in the work place
  • Reduction in employee fatigue
  • Improved communications
  • Improvement in employee morale
  • Provides a cleaner work environment
  • Ergonomic design for employee comfort and safety

Benefits of Noise, Splash & Chip Enclosures

  • Friction free doors for hydraulic, pneumatic or manual closure
  • Easy access to the machine for set-up and adjustments
  • Reduces slick floors and keeps floors clean
  • Easily remove panels and hinged doors
  • Reduce coolant consumption
  • Doors available with linear rail or conventional roller design
  • Soundproof walls for quieter factory environment
  • Continuous area lighting for normal operations and maintenance
  • Provisions for hydraulic hoses and electrical ductwork
  • Prevent chips from spilling out on the floor
  • Improve in-plant air quality by containing mist and dust

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