A Prescription for Healthy Machines 
The consequences of down time for any machine can range from a temporary inconvenience to a costly production problem.

In this day of Just-In-Time inventories and production, an unplanned machine failure can cause major losses from idled laborers, overtime, missed deadlines and promise dates, and lost sales and profits.

Preventative maintenance programs can greatly reduce the possibility of machine failures.

BUWW technicians will work with your factory maintenance staff to train them in the proper methods to clean and lubricate covers and bellows to optimize cover function and life expectancy. BUWW is experienced with all makes of way covers and our technicians carry replacement and service parts for all covers in our service vehicles.

Contact BUWW Customer Service at 1-877-962-2899 to learn how our Preventative Maintenance Program can reduce unplanned downtimes in your factory.